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Practicing ashtanga yoga will help you discover balance in body and mind, cultivate awareness and develop focus – whether you are exploring ashtanga yoga for the first time or want to deepen an existing practice.


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Classes are taught by Maxi Meissner – a dedicated ashtanga practioner who loves to share her passion for this practice for anyone who wants to learn.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a unique, dynamic and traditional yoga system that combines breath with movement. Postures (asanas) are followed in an especially designed sequence, targeting different systems of the body as well as the mind – helping the practitioner towards balance in body and mind.

When done with awareness, the practitioner will perceive a meditation-like state during practice. Breathing through confronting postures, learning to accept one’s limits while creating more space by searching the limit – body and mind will respond intelligently (and beautifully) leading the practitioner to experience more strength and flexbility in body and mind – on and off the mat.

Practitioners start their ashtanga journey with the Primary Series, the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. The Primary Series, also called Yoga Therapy, serves to strengthen and detoxify the body and the mind. Practicing the sequence of the series in the correct order with the help of the keys assets of ashtanga yoga: vinyasa, breathing and using the bandhas results in the production of intensive internal warmth. This heat purifies muscles and organs, expelling unwanted toxins as well as releasing beneficial hormones and minerals.

Key Elements of Ashtanga Yoga

The key elements of Aashtanga yoga are the ujjayi breath, the vinyasas, the drishti and the bandhas – all applied throughout the whole practice.

The ujjayi breath is unique to ashtanga. It creates heat. This heat is said to burn out all the toxins from the body and mind. It basically consists in inhaling and exhaling through the nose while making noise with the back of the throat, like Darth Vader.

Vinyasa is the synchronization between movement and breathing.

Drishti is the focus point of the eyes – it helps the mind to focus. In most poses it is intuitively.

Bandhas are energetic locks within the body. This muscular work will help to regulate the flow of prana (energy) while keeping the body in good alignment.

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